Preventative Maintenance

Have Fresh Water and Sewer Lines Tested

One major cause of foundation damage is excessive moisture from broken or leaking water/sewer lines. Water saturated soil will not support most foundations indefinitely unless the foundation is secured to the bedrock.Have a plumber do a static test on your lines every five years.

Much water damage goes unnoticed because the moist soil may be out of sight. Don’t wait for problems to develop!

Begin a Scheduled Water Program

Though too much water is dangerous, so is too little, especially in dry regions of the country. Moisten soil around the foundation during dry times with a soaker hose or sprinkler system. Do

this when you are watering the lawn or if you notice soil pulling

away from the foundation.

Install Positive Drainage

Oversaturation can occur if excess water is not channeled away from all sides of your home.Installation of devices such as debris-resistant gutters and French drains will go a long way towards protecting your biggest investment...your home.

Possible Future Problems Resulting from Delaying Repair

Irreversible Damage

Even with warning signs evident, it’s perfectly natural to put off foundation repair and hope the problems go away. They won’t.  Left unattended, minor fixable problems almost always get worse leading to irreversibly damaged slab or beams.

High Repair Costs

Not only does a broken slab or beam incur high repair costs, but so does the accompanying cosmetic work. Often, your house will have suffered extensive exterior and interior injury as a result of a damaged foundation.  This only adds to the cost of restoring your home to its old self.

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